About Us

Founded by Justin & Angelica

 Adventure Now was started by a calling. This is the reason behind our slogan. Never did we think we would start and own a small business, yet here we are today. We are strong believers of Faith over Fear and have decided to begin this journey. 

We are a very large family of seven and have always talked about someday owning a travel trailer. With the many day to day obstacles, the "someday" just kept getting further out. As we watch our children grow up before our eyes, we have to stop and live in the now. Everyday is precious and we must be thankful for that. So why wait? We turned our "someday" into now. 

We love being outdoors and love spending time with each other. We shared our love for the outdoors to our children at a very early age. I mean, really really early. Angelica had our second child one month and we were camping the next. We also went camping when she was eight months pregnant with our third child as our first born wanted a camp out for her birthday. Talk about crazy, but we would do anything to bring joy to our children. Many of those memories being tent camping, it is now time to start some new memories in a travel trailer. 

Our hope is to bring you joy and memories to talk about for many years to come.